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Chalayan: Subtle tailoring with thoughtful words

Hussein Chalayan and Gareth Pugh always have a message with their collections. While both have developed a personal vision – and each built successful businesses – there is always a feeling that they have some urgent ideas beyond the clothes.

This applies especially to Chalayan who, as he said backstage, “had something to say”.

That was a story of what was behind the horrors that hit Paris, which, in the designer’s view, was “a direct result of unintegrated immigration”.

As a British resident from a Cypriot Turkish family, Hussein found it necessary to remove his Muslim-sounding first name. He has previously touched on delicate subjects in his shows, such as Muslim women covering their heads.

But these political inspirations have always been done with sensitivity. And so it was for Autumn/Winter 2018, when he called the show Périphérique, referring to the Paris outer ring road that physically sets immigrants apart from the grandeur of the historic centre.

Hussein told the story in words, saying in his show notes: “We need to go beyond tolerating these new arrivals and embracing integration in north-west Europe, just as we did with the holocaust survivors of WW2.”

Tough words – balanced by a sweet and gentle collection that took smart camel coats and turned them into more protective gear, and pieces where blood-orange colour from scarves to boots broke up Parisian black style.

Sleeves would have a slit in the sides or a grey dress interrupted with torn strips of leopard, as though African influences were penetrating French chic. But this was all so subtle, it looked as though the clothes were an ode to integration, shown in the most delicate and wearable way.

For at the core of the story is that Chalayan is a powerful tailor and the gentle way he shadows the female body, never at all sexy or vulgar, is why he has been on fashion’s radar for so long. And it was for his fashion and his intelligence, he received a round of applause.

Gareth Pugh: Demolition dressing

“A demolition silhouette” was what designer Gareth Pugh called hefty, rigid shoulders softening downwards into drapes before collapsing into a bulge of big – even vast – boots. He extended that definition by describing his vision as “industrial totems, razed to the ground”.

But on the runway, this definition seemed like his familiar geometric silhouette – wide-shoulders and high waists with body-conscious clothes draped below. The big, soft collapsed boots were just a diversion from the rest.

Seeing Daphne Guinness sitting opposite me in a scarlet body-con outfit from head to heel-less platform soles, was to realise that there are people out there who can make rigidity sexy.

And big shoulders are definitely back in a revival of the Eighties. At the Central Saint Martins show earlier this week, there was nothing but these coat hanger clothes. So it cannot be said that Pugh is totally out-of-sync with fashion.

Yet the message was tense, hard, uncomfortable, with what looked like bruises on the faces of the models (but may have been meant to express the sweaty side of construction). Leather trench coats were sharply cut and zippered. Silvered decoration was as tough and metallic as it gets.

But hasn’t Pugh walked this road before? Or even driven down it with the many car references that were, again to quote the designer, “hyperreal looks rendered in glossy sheets of metal as though sports cars were in mid-collision”.

This designer talks the talk – just as he expressed his hard-edge spirit last season entirely by film. But in this show, and at a time when strong women are a constant subject, emotion seemed to be lacking. Maybe that is how it feels, again in his words, when you take “this pristine object, crushing it, and then handing it back as a different thing”. Ouch!

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The worse the world gets, the more fashion turns the other rouged-and-powdered cheek. With red carpet brashness looking too much in a post-Weinstein era, designers are looking for ways to handle fashion celebration.

Molly Goddard: Capering in the kitchen

Has Molly Goddard ever given a show without glasses and bottles on the table ready for a glamorous party scenario? This season, she became more down-to-earth – or should that be down-to-the-kitchen? Models in their party dresses walked down a runway lined with sideboards stacked with carrots – a more evident offering than canapés.

The dresses matched the at-home look, for while a skirt might be in golden frills or coral taffeta, the puffy looks of the past had deflated to more reasonable shapes. Waists were pitched slightly higher or lower and hemlines more mid-calf than mini, so the designer was able to let free with joyous colours – but also try the silhouette-conscious black.

It was not that Molly had suddenly grown up and turned serious. She just made a subtle – and smart – move from fantasy to reality, where raiding the kitchen when the crisps have gone is part of partying.

Halpern: Still sequin crazy

Michael Halpern’s disco bomb sequinned dresses arrived on the scene two years ago when the American fashion student from Central Saint Martins seemed like an antidote to bad news.

Now that fake news is the big topic, the Halpern show had not changed one sparkle from his vision of how to dress – but not necessarily out-of-hours. Trousers with eye-popping geometric patterns, over-the-knee (and often over-the-top) boots and mini skirts might pass as daywear – especially as the high street shops have picked up on the disco glam daytime look.

Halpern has two strengths: a vivid joy in colour, and skill with body-conscious cutting. But after last season’s show in the plush velvet of a London theatre, an abandoned, freezing cold venue sent out a chill of reality. Is there life outside a capsule of twinkling sequins? Can there be more in the mix? That is what the next Halpern show needs to explore.

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In a vast, empty bus depot in West London, to the sound of Eighties pop star Jimmy Somerville (not quite drowned out by anti-fur protestors) Burberry said farewell to Christopher Bailey after 17 years.

Creative director since 2004, and CEO for the last five years, the designer from Yorkshire in northern England, re-scaled for the 21st century a company that originally made clothes for the British military – hence the trench coat that was having yet another turn with its signature check pattern.

The show was not so much a tear jerking event, but rather one filled with love and laughter and a mighty pile up of celebrities. The group of famous faces was haloed by Chelsea Clinton, with Paris Jackson (daughter of superstar Michael), Keira Knightley, director Steve McQueen with daughter Alex, Sienna Miller, Naomi Watts and so many more you could not spot because the vast area was so dimly lit by an art installation. It consisted of old school lamps swinging around, while the only other light illuminated the collection.

By the end of the show, the multi coloured sportswear with a vivid scarlet, yellow, green and orange palette beamed out to compete with a richly embroidered coat or a shirt so loud in its mix of Burberry plaid with Versace-esque gilding that it looked like a crazy knock-off from a market stall. Yet many of these gaudy shout-outs were actually reviving the Eighties creations under license from the company’s wilderness years.

Burberry finale

Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on Feb 17, 2018 at 10:37am PST

“Joy and reminiscence,” said Christopher Bailey, as I fought past Naomi Campbell to ask him how he felt about the show. It was certainly joyful, with so many crazy plays on colour – from the scribbled pattern on a blush pink hooded sweatshirt, worn with rainbow sparkles on a white shirt; through multicoloured ceramic flowers on a mesh dress, and, finally, as a dramatic ending, model Cara Delevingne in a rainbow coalition of colours on a velvet cloak, where the traditional beige Burberry checks peaked out from inside.

It was all a mad mix, heavy on cool guys loping down in a rainbow coalition, wearing outfits with patterns of kids’ boardgames and riffs on Burberry’s leaping horse. It was all good fun and a hyper-modern, street wise-mix. But something was missing. Surely the fun and the cool should have been anchored by what Burberry has stood for since its beginning – its connection with the armed forces? Beige gabardine raincoats may be less fun than a bold jacket in scarlet, orange, yellow, grass green, bright blue and purple – but they hold the weight of heritage.

I looked online to see what was on the capsule see-now, buy-now Burberry collection at Farfetch, and there was a vintage check wrap coat at £1,990 with an offer of matching sneakers and cap. I guess heritage is still a Burberry best seller.

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There was something magical about the way lighted candles flickered in the chandeliers across the Goldsmiths’ Hall, giving the Simone Rocha show a compelling grandeur.

While there were the designer’s signature curvy black lace dresses worn by models who walked the richly patterned carpet in pearl decorated flat shoes, there was something historically beautiful about the autumn/winter 2018 collection.

The show opened with black tailoring, but still with little black keepsake necklaces and thin satin bows. Then came cream tinsel over grey tailoring, followed by flowers, soft and sweet, the dresses anchored with bows.

“The collection was inspired by John Constable’s work – his landscapes, which he is known for, as almost golden in the green landscapes.” said Simone. “So I did golden embroidery and worked it into this brocade – then I could translate it. Some elements are very Edwardian, but some are more punky.”

The looks veered from a wave of prettiness to something sharper and more tailored, even then a grey trouser suit might have black ribbons tied in bows at the knees and ankles.

Simone Rocha in close up

Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on Feb 17, 2018 at 7:44am PST

“Because of the Edwardian feel, I wanted to focus on suiting, so I’ve done a lot more tailoring this time,” said the designer. “I wanted something sharp to almost punctuate the femininity. I have double breasted jackets and blazers, layered with dresses with the Edwardian scoop neckline. The tulle has been restructured into the idea of gathered roses.”

Simone’s skill is in slipping in and out of history and making the move from dream to reality seem feasible. So a tartan outfit somewhere between the Scottish Highlands and London punk, was followed by an outfit in the same spirit with plaid cloth melting into fur. Worn with these clothes were what Simone called “a punky shoe with kind of a harder edge.”

As always with the designer, there were edgy moments when sweet turns sour, or tough becomes tender. These switches from hard to soft, the mix of past and present, were masterly.

Although she made the process and the details so complex, the result was perfectly judged. Having recently opened shops in London and New York, Simone must be learning about the subtle balance between need and desire. In this show she proved herself mistress of the Edwardian and the modern world.

Next week in Milan, Simone Rocha will be introduced as one of four designers selected by Moncler for a new project. The others are Craig Green, Pierpaolo Piccioli and Francesco Ragazzi.

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Clusters of mushrooms as an installation on a podium was the welcome at the JW Anderson show. Real or conceptual? Who knew. But once it started, the collection was comfortably down-to-earth.

There were long skirts swinging low, fungal tones, the inevitable bags, and footwear that had a colourful side. And, above all, both sexes were on the runway, although the male designs were nothing like the transgender looks for men that Jonathan Anderson started his career with.

“I am re-configuring the way of shopping – a women’s and men’s continuation developed together for different looks, two different vibes that work together in a conversation,” the designer said. “We dropped a lot of waists: it’s the idea of suspension.”

Nothing on the runway was as weird as that sounds. Nor as those mushrooms that I later discovered were part of an installation named Hors d’oeuvres by artist Martin Belou.

The low waist – symbolic of the JW Anderson autumn winter show

Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on Feb 17, 2018 at 3:14am PST

JW has a real skill for creating a modern mix, so that a paisley patterned top had the lightest wisp of history, immediately wiped away by the handkerchief hem skirt and multi-tone high top sneakers. For an extra touch, the sports shoe crisscross laces were repeated on handbags.

The strength of this designer is to grasp that clothes that were once gender specific are no longer seen that way by the millennial generation. Although I was surprised to find the menswear so relatively tame – a classic sweater with a fringe at hip level – while the womenswear broke out into vivid tequila sunrise shades.

But for JW, who also designs full collections for LVMH-owned Loewe, this show was part of his impressive double act. For his own label, the clothes are less luxurious, but each piece seemed well worked out and put together – not least by the upper-thigh ties as a signature of the new season.

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I know that her birth country is always in the heart of this feline woman, supermodel and mother of five children, who is opening her heart to me – as she has opened hers to Mother Russia.

Natalia Vodianova has done so much to help children with special needs – and now she is helping WOOMANHOOD. Her Fund-Fair takes place in London on Tuesday 20th. @natasupernova @nakedheartfoundation #FundFair

Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on Feb 16, 2018 at 9:47am PST

Our subject is the ‘Fabulous Fund Fair’, to take place on Tuesday, 20 February at the close of London Fashion Week. The Naked Heart Foundation was founded by ‘SuperNova’ – hence her Instagram name @natasupernova – in Russia in 2004 to improve the possibilities of playtime for children with special needs – and is now so much more. Inspired originally by the disabled sister she grew up with from age six, the charity has moved from building playgrounds to transforming attitudes to disability in Russia and across the world.

Next Tuesday’s event at North London’s Roundhouse will be, in Natalia’s words, full of funky ‘intergalactic’ games, cosmic prizes and out-of-this-world guests to persuade attendees to give, give, give. But, for the founder, it is an anxious effort to keep the donors on message.

Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) on Feb 14, 2018 at 5:45am PST

“It’s been a long time that we’ve been doing this and sometimes it feels really daunting – a very lonely place, even when it probably doesn’t feel so from outside,” she says, surrounded in the elegant living room with children’s toys and games, from the giant teddy bear with one missing eye for her latest 18-month-old son to cuddle to a chess set for her 18-year-old. The father of her two younger children is her husband Antoine Arnault, from the mighty luxury conglomerate; and the three older children are from her first marriage to English aristocrat Justin Portman.

Natalia, her face determinedly stern, continues to explain the problem of asking again and again for support for her projects.

“It gets a little difficult because you keep asking the same people – and how long can people say ‘yes’ and be there for you? But we need support more than ever because we started with something very lighthearted – building play parks, as many as we could, depending on the success of our fundraising activities. But for the past six years now, we’re doing something much more serious, real humanitarian work and we have families depending on us.”

She continues to explain the trajectory of changing the mindset and an entire country’s attitude, including its government.

“Our activities have changed dramatically,” Natalia explains. “We still build play parks – we open approximately 10 to 15 a year, but we added this very important other work with families who raise children with special needs. And that programme has really taken over. We spend 60 per cent of the funds raised on this part of our work. It’s not like curing cancer, for example, when you might be able to cure a child and they go on living. It’s very different with special needs because it is ongoing work that never stops – you cannot put it away.”

The story is, of course, deeply personal: her sister Oksana, who was still-born, resuscitated and left with permanent brain damage and cerebral palsy, has been part of Natalia’s life since she was six years old. She helped her mother struggle through grinding poverty and a sense of helplessness and shame, until Natalia’s success as a top model was able to support her family.

“My sister has turned 30 and she lives with my mum in our hometown Nizhny Novgorod. She’s well, she goes to a family support group, so my charity work has also benefited my own family – and I didn’t expect that when I started,” continues Natalia. “My sister didn’t know the struggles we were going through, her disability in a way guarded her from the reality. For me, it was very different and I was exposed to all the shame and stigma that goes with it. Oksana wasn’t, she was a very happy girl, always laughing and she did bring a lot of joy.”

Natalia faced the tough trials of her family’s situation, when they might not even have enough to eat, and witnessed physical and mental abuse in her neighbourhood, where she developed a gritty courage, shaping the positivity that eventually grew into the concept of building playgrounds as safe havens.

What is Natalia Vodianova doing with her cat ‘Galileo/Galile?’ Prepping for her Fund Fair…. @natasupernova @nakedheartfoundation #FundFair on Tuesday 20th February 2018

Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on Feb 16, 2018 at 9:31am PST

But as her knowledge of the situation grew, Natalia’s determination hardened. She read a book about institutions for disabled children and learned the fate of a boy born at the same time as her sister, but abandoned by his mother into an institution. With cerebral palsy, he was undamaged mentally, but left from age six in an orphanage for ‘imbeciles’ and when found could not even identify a Christmas tree.

Natalia’s voice quavers as she explains that when she realised that 80 per cent of children with special needs in Russia were abandoned by their families, she set out to do more than raise money. She wanted to change attitudes, both of ordinary people and of the official state. Using editors and journalists, before the time of social media, Natalia told of remarkable success stories of families – as with her own mother – who did not give up on their disabled children. The Paralympics in Russia and a cover of Hello! magazine featuring Natalia with her sister were game changers.

“The pictures in Hello! spoke how we wanted to portray Oksana as being really part of the family, which of course she is and is very close to me,” Natalia says. For people to see me – I guess they consider me very privileged now – and to see how that was a normality with my sister, for them it must have been a bit shocking. Because people are not exposed to mental disability – the stigma comes from the fact that they think that all these people are violent and have no feelings. That was a tipping point. A melting of the ice.”

Natalia’s intense dedication to her cause is so compelling that it is no wonder that she can entice back her supporters to another round of giving. Surely the intergalactic fun she is putting on next week will raise, once again, the bar in terms of the amount of money promised and of her own dedication to the cause.

But wait – there is something else. A lot more. For Natalia is wrapping her loose H&M sweater around her chest and talking about her recent work, aimed at introducing philanthropy to the millennial generation. While their parents might be donating millions to the Fund Fair, she is hoping that more of her socially conscious peers will be using the micro-donation app Elbi which “democratises” the opportunity to give.

@Flotracker #LetsTalkAboutPeriods #UNFPA #PadManChallenge

Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) on Feb 12, 2018 at 12:44am PST

The idea is to use the ‘love’ button to donate money, however little; and to make available a way to give to charities, many involving women, such as one which tackles the stigma attached to periods in underdeveloped areas of India, where there is not even access to sanitary towels.

Determined to focus on the upcoming ‘Fund Fair’, I promise Natalia that I will make another article about the Elbi app. It is surely a safe bet (money to be donated to one of her causes) that Super-Doopa Nova will have, by then, corralled a bunch of fresh issues to support. For tickets to London’s Fabulous Fund Fair 2018, organised by the Naked Heart Foundation.

It takes place Tuesday, 20 February 2018 at 8pm at Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8EH.

Sponsors include: By Kilian, Dior, Fendi, Givenchy, Guerlain, L’Oréal, Louis Vuitton, Maxx Royal Resorts, Messika, NIRAV MODI and Versace among others.

For more information, follow the hashtag #FundFair and @natasupernova and @nakedheartfoundation on Instagram

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Con attrici e modelle siamo abituate a vedere le curve delle gravidanze smaltite in tempi record (prontamente annunciati su Instagram con scatti in déshabillé). Ma Blake Lively, 30 anni, è diversa: dopo la nascita della sua seconda figlia, Ines, nata nell’autunno 2016, l’attrice ha rivelato su Instagram di aver lavorato duramente 14 mesi per perdere i 27 chili guadagnati durante la gravidanza.

“Si è scoperto che non puoi perdere i 27 chili presi durante la gravidanza semplicemente facendo lo scroll su Instagram e chiedendoti perché non sei come le modelle in bikini che vedi. Grazie @donsaladino per avermi fatto sgobbare. 10 mesi per prenderli, 14 mesi per perderli. Sono molto fiera “, ha scritto Blake Lively su Instagram ringraziando il suo personal trainer, Don Saladino. Ines è la seconda figlia dell’attrice e del marito Ryan Reynolds dopo James, 4 anni.

Foto Instagram

Foto Instagram

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Il mondo del comfort food sta dando grandi soddisfazioni al beauty. Prima la Nutella, ingrediente utilizzato dalle bionde per regalare ai capelli sfumature naturali e permanenti e adesso le patatine di McDonald’s. Sì, proprio lo snack visto da sempre come un peccato di gola non del tutto salutare, oggi, secondo lo studio fatto dalla Yokohama National University in Giappone, potrebbe aiutare a combattere la calvizia. Perché? La ricerca, pubblicata dalla rivista Biomaterials e resa pubblica per la prima volta da Refinery29, rivelerebbe che il dimeticone, ovvero un derivato del silicone usato come agente antischiuma insieme all’olio per friggere le chips, sarebbe un ottimo alleato per la ricrescita dei capelli. Bufala o realtà, vi chiederete voi? Al momento i test sono stati fatti su topi senza pelo e, si sa, che animali e uomo non sempre traggono gli stessi benefici da questi esperimenti. In più lo studio ha evidenziato che il dimeticone stimola il ringiovanimento del follicolo, ma non è sufficiente da solo per far crescere a 360° nuovi capelli. Nell’attesa di nuovi aggiornamenti sullo studio, possiamo ragionarci davanti a una bella porzione fumante di patatine McDonald’s.

L'articolo Le patatine fritte di McDonald’s aiuterebbero la crescita dei capelli. Ci crediamo o no? sembra essere il primo su

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È dimostrato da diversi test scientifici che dormire da venti a quaranta minuti dopo pranzo migliora l’efficienza del resto della giornata. La pausa che segue il pranzo è utile dal punto di vista metabolico, permette alla digestione di non essere intralciata da altre esigenze dell’organismo, abbassa la pressione e il ritmo cardiaco, favorendo il riposo e il recupero delle forze, mentre le sostanze nutritive vengono estratte dall’intestino e inserire nel torrente circolatorio.

(Fonte: L’Apericena non Esiste, magri e in salute tra aperitivi e cene fuori casa di Federico Francesco Ferrero)

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GettyImages-913104358Kate Middleton “oscurata” da Meghan Markle? Non proprio, dato che la regina delle make up artist, Charlotte Tilbury, ha appena creato un rossetto chiamato The Duchess e dedicato proprio alla Duchessa di Cambridge. E non è cosa da poco, dato che la collezione trucco della Tilbury è tra le più amate, soprattutto da molte celebrities, che aspirano a un rossetto creato dalla truccatrice e che porti il loro nome. Per quanto riguarda la Royal Family, solo la regina aveva avuto l’onore di un rossetto a lei dedicato, Legendary Queen, un rosa quasi rosso e mat. Mentre The Duchess è un rosa tenue e lucido, a base di pigmenti e cere riflettenti.

L'articolo Un rossetto per Kate sembra essere il primo su

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I gatti… o li ami alla follia o preferisci i cani. Perché?

I felini domestici dimostrano l’affetto a modo loro. Vi osservano, per esempio, con lo sguardo killer mentre dormite, iniziano a correre per la casa senza un motivo a notte fonda, vi graffiano per fare un complimento e gettano a terra tutto quello che vogliono.

Per tutte le cat lovers tutto questo suonerà molto familiare. E sono proprio queste peculiarità del gatto che ve lo fanno amare alla follia.

Come voi, addicted, nel 1990 un’appassionata, la Signora Oriella Del Col, convinse la giornalista Claudia Angeletti della rivista Tuttogatto a creare la Giornata Nazionale del Gatto.

Perché si celebra il 17 febbraio? Febbraio è il mese dell’Acquario, ovvero degli spiriti liberi e anticonformisti. Il 17 è un numero che da sempre viene visto come un porta sfortuna e che, ça va sans dire, è anche associato ai gatti neri. In più un’antica tradizione sanciva febbraio come “il mese dei gatti e delle streghe” perché legati all’esoterismo, anche grazie alle loro doti extra-sensoriali.

E se la credenza popolare ci suggerisce, erroneamente, che il gatto nero porti sfortuna, quello bianco è da sempre ritenuto un simbolo benaugurante e di buon auspicio, perché utilizzato per tenere lontano i topi e difendere le scorte alimentari sulle navi che facevano viaggi molto lunghi.

Proprio il gatto bianco è tra i più popolari del momento. Il fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, per esempio, ha elevato la sua Choupette a star, anche su vestiti e accessori.

I white cats sono i più popolari su Instagram e il più corteggiato di Hollywood e dintorni si chiama Tardar Sauce, meglio comosciuta con il soprannome Grumpy Cat.


Starina è invece l’iconico micio di Hendrick’s Gin che, come altri felini, sembra gradire particolarmente il cetriolo, uno degli ingredienti principali del famoso distillato. Da qui nasce l’interesse del brand di approfondire tutto, ovvero vita-morte-miracoli, intorno al gatto bianco.

Per esempio, sapete quale è la città italiana con la maggiore concentrazione di gatti bianchi? È Torino che vanta circa 1.505 colonie feline con oltre 29.000 gatti e più di 850 gattare che, secondo una ricerca di qualche anno fa, spendono oltre 500 euro al mese per sfamarli. Siamo appena sopra i 34 gatti per abitante, un terzo dei quali sono bianchi. Il capoluogo piemontese ha inoltre emesso un bando per cercare sostenitori che potessero occuparsi dell’alimentazione dei felidi e, tra gli appassionati in città, c’è Samuel Romano, frontman dei Subsonica, che ha un gatto bianco di nome Bonz.

Ma la curiosità più bella arriva dalla piccola cittadina di Seborga, in provincia di Imperia, dove, tra i vialetti ciottolati e le stradine caratteristiche, troverete 320 persone e tantissimi gatti. Alla domanda «come mai un numero così elevato di gatti?», gli abitanti vi risponderanno: «…tanti gatti? Non ci siamo mai accorti che ce ne fossero tanti», proprio perché in questo insolito borgo ligure gatti e persone si sono creati una felice e spensierata convivenza.

Che aggiungere… buona Giornata Nazionale del Gatto… Miao!

L'articolo Oggi è la Giornata Nazionale del Gatto. Ecco alcune cose che (forse) non sapete su di lui sembra essere il primo su

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Dopo New York il fashion system si sposta a Londra, dove dal 15 al 20 febbraio è in programma la Settimana della Moda. Supermodel e It-girl, attrici e celebrity, oltre ai numerosi addetti ai lavori, sono volati nella capitale per assistere alle sfilate delle Collezioni Autunno Inverno 2018/19.

Le prime file degli show più ambiti sono affollate dalle personalità più importanti dell’industria: ad applaudire Jonathan Anderson, questa mattina, c’erano anche Alexa Chung, Tinie Tempah, Aymeline Valade. Parata di stelle tra le prime file di Simone Rocha, dove tra i numerosi ospiti sedevano Pixie Geldof, Daisy Lowe, Mary Charteris e Tallulah e Amanda Harlech.

15 photosView Gallery

L'articolo Front Row: Settimana della Moda di Londra, le star sembra essere il primo su

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Direttamente dalla London Fashion Week, in programma dal 15 al 20 febbraio, abbiamo immortalato tutto il meglio dello street style avvistato tra una sfilata e l’altra delle Collezioni Autunno Inverno 2018/19.

Tra new face e supermodelle, celebrity, buyer e giornalisti internazionali, per tutta la settimana le personalità più importanti del fashion system affollano ogni giorno le strade della capitale britannica, sfoggiando outfit di tendenza, assolutamente da copiare.

Sfogliate la nostra foto gallery per scoprire, giorno dopo giorno, i look di street style più belli e originali fotografati da Jonathan Daniel Pryce alla London Fashion Week. 

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Trova qualcuno che ti rovini il rossetto, non il mascara“, diceva Marilyn Monroe sfatando così, con una frase, due miti: quello sulle bionde superficiali e quello che vorrebbe sempre valido il teorema “amore = sofferenza”. Nella colonna delle conferma invece resta, oltre a risate e baci come sintomo di felicità sentimentale, il mascara, compagno e alleato fedele di femminilità. Fra i prodotti più amati dalle donne, finisce spesso per passare dall’essere pratico a scontato. Non ci fraintendete: applicarlo non richiede un master di secondo livello, ma siamo ahinoi certe che – nonostante gli anni di esperienza sul campo – nessuna è immune all’errore. Volete un esempio? Guardate il divertente video di Dos & Donts realizzato da Annalisa Arcando per Condé Nast Social Academy. Come complice The Shock Volumizing Mascara firmato Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. Scommettiamo che il primo errore lo fate (quasi) tutte? E che nessuna può fare a meno del punto cinque?


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Collezionare i ricordi in album unici, fatti a mano e che riflettono il vostro stile. Sin dalla sua nascita nel 2001, Album Epoca ha avuto come obiettivo quello di raccogliere le immagini dei momenti più importanti della vita in album di grande qualità, che durano per sempre, proprio come le emozioni che racchiudono.

“La nostra missione è dare valore ai ricordi. Con questa visione abbiamo realizzato Album Epoca: album che raccolgono i momenti più belli degli amori più grandi, delle persone più care, dei personaggi famosi più seguiti, sempre ritratti dai migliori fotografi professionisti.” dichiara Andrea Mainetti, CEO dell’azienda.

Dal forte sapore sartoriale, la collezione presenta libri interamente realizzati a mano da abili artigiani che si distinguono per i materiali scelti, ispirati al fashion design e al mondo dell’arredamento, esaltati dall’eccellenza artigianale del Made in Italy.

La ricerca di design originale e creativa ha portato alla definizione di quattro differenti stili di album che riflettono altrettanti gusti e personalità: è proprio a partire da questi che i designer hanno pensato a linee di prodotto dall’alto senso estetico, in cui ogni donna possa riconoscersi e trovare il suo album.

Silk Style si basa su un’estetica classica che rivive in ambienti dall’atmosfera rassicurante, uno stile senza tempo. La collezione è adatta per una donna moderna che vuole sentirsi appagata da tutto quanto ruota attorno alla propria vita.

Le proposte all’interno della tipologia Gold Style sono invece ideali per chi ama il lusso classico senza ostentazione fatto di ambienti sofisticati e ricercati. Sono pensate per una donna che, sebbene eccentrica e stravagante, riesce a mantenere alta la sua classe innata.

Denim Style è l’unione tra il formale e l’informale, seguire le regole aggiungendo però dei tocchi personali. È la scelta giusta per chi ama i trend, si interessa a tutto ciò che è novità ed è alla ricerca di nuovi stimoli estetici unici.

Flower Style, poetico e intimista, è per chi cerca una visione vagamente retro e romantica; la collezione è perfetta per le più sognatrici ma concrete e determinate, affascinate dal passato ma attente anche al presente.

Credits Photos Hong Jang Hyun Fashion Editor Fabio Messana Assistant Nicola Pantano, Roberta Astarita. Hair stylist Simone Prusso @Atomo Management Make-up artist Andrea Costa using MAKEUP URBAN DECAY. NAKED HEAT PALETTE

L'articolo Album Epoca dona valore ai ricordi sembra essere il primo su

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